Slow flow honouring the luna energy of the moon. This class begins on the earth before preparing us to dance through moon salutations. Strong and steady standing poses will be explored, before settling into some nourishing yin. Perfect for beginner yogis looking to progress in flow or advanced yogis looking to slow down. 


A steady paced vinyasa that honours the energy of the sun. Move through Surya Namaskar A and Surya Namaskar B Variations to build heat before winding down with grounding earth postures to balance. Perfect for beginners to advanced. 


A workshop style class that works towards peak transitions and poses. Explore the body and the minds ability to become creative, and build the confidence to progress your practice. Fun for intermediate to advanced yogis. 


A deep meditative practice that focuses on opening our meridian channels and fascial pathways. Bolsters, blankets and straps are integrated to comfortably dive into long holds. Great for all yogis.

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