25 Hour Yin Yoga Training-sold out

With Patchula Thompson, Aleisha Smith and Stuart Canavan

Date: Nov 21-24th

Price: $550

Thursday 5.30-8.30pm

Fri, Sat, Sun 9-5pm

Join the casa crew as we dive into the philosophy and the practice of Yin Yoga. Yin Yoga is an intricate practice that requires deep knowledge of our internal pathways and their energetics. Across three days, we will study the anatomy of fascia and the nervous system, Yin Yang Philosophy, Foundations of Chinese Medicine and Meridian pathways. You will learn how to sequence to fascial trains and meridian channels, and leave with the confidence to safely and creatively lead an intelligent Yin Yoga Class.


The course will cover:

- The Principles of Yin Yoga 

- Yin Yang Philosophy

- The Energetic Body of Qi and Meridians

- The Yin and Yang Meridians

- Foundations of Chinese Medicine

- Fascia and Connective Tissue Anatomy

- Yin Yoga Posture Lab

Your teachers will be:

Patchula Thompson: ERYT with Yoga Alliance and student of Chinese Medicine at Southern School of Natural Therapies

Aleisha Smith: ERYT with Yoga Alliance and student of Shiatsu with the Australian Shiatsu College

Stuart Canavan: Doctor of Physiotherapy and owner of Qualis Health in Torquay

This training will be a small intimate group of yogis to ensure that each student feels at home to dive deep with us. Please email divinejourneysyoga@gmail.com with any questions or click the link below to reserve your place. 

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