ONLINE YIN IMMERSION with Aleisha and Patchula 


Date: Aug 28,29,30

Price: $89

We would love to spend this time of retreat to dive into the philosophy and the practice of Yin Yoga. Yin Yoga is an intricate practice that requires deep knowledge of our internal pathways and their energetics. During our time together we will delve into the importance of leading a yin lifestyle and learn how we can further introduce yin aspects into our daily routines. This includes understanding the functions of our the nervous system, Yin Yang Philosophy and energetic pathways. 


In this immersion you will discover:

- The Principles of Yin Yoga 

- Yin Yang Philosophy

- The Energetic Body of Qi and Meridians

- The Yin and Yang Meridians

- The Importance of Living with Daoist Principles

Our time together will be made up of:

- 4pm Friday afternoon of discussion, lecture and yin yoga

- 9am Saturday morning discussion/lecture

- 4pm Saturday evening yin yoga

- 9am Sunday morning discussion/lecture

- 4pm Sunday evening yin yoga

Sessions will be via Zoom and they will be recorded. This is not a training, however completion of this program will give you $89 off our 25 Hour Teacher Training and flexibility with hours when it is next run. If you have already completed our Yin Teacher training and would like to join in on this immersion, please contact us for a discounted immersion rate. 

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